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Your goal is to sell your house:
  at the highest possible price
  in the least amount of time
  with a minimum of inconvenience


To accomplish this goal, you have two major considerations:
setting the best, realistic price and terms
employing the best agent and company

As your realtor, my position on this team is to:
share facts and expertise about the market place which will help you determine the best price and terms to offer on our house
counsel you as to improvements you can make to prepare your house for sale
actively market and promote your house to other realtors and to the public
communicate with you on a regular basis about the activity on your house
present any offers which are written and counsel you through the sales process
oversee the progress of the sale from the time a purchase agreement is accepted until the transaction is closed

On the selling team is is your position to:
prepare your house to be shown by putting it in the best possible condition
set a price which is realistic and competitive in the market place today


First Impressions are Lasting

When I list your house, we will go through it together.  Meanwhile, here are some helpful tips for you in preparing your house to make a good first impression

Mow and trim regularly
Weed and fertilize yard and garden
Prune bushes and trees
Thoroughly clean garage and driveway
Make sure garage doors work easily
Check paint condition of exterior
Front door should be fresh and easy to unlock
Walkway should be free of clutter
Caulk any cracks in driveway or sidewalk
Shovel walkways and driveway if applicable

Repair and paint interior walls where needed (neutral color for mass appeal)
Repair or remove damaged or dated wallpaper
Shampoo carpets or replace if badly worn or dated
polish hard surface floors - replace if badly damaged
thoroughly clean bathrooms
     1. Repair leaky faucets and noisy toilets
     2. Regrout tile and caulk around tub if necessary
Kitchen should out-shine all
     1. Clean appliances, counter tops and floor
     2. Remove unnecessary items from counter tops
     3. Tidy all cupboards and closets
Clean windows until they sparkle
     1. Replace broken or cracked glass
     2. Replace broken screen

Helpful hints

Leave on "key" lights during the day.  During showings turn on all lights and table lamps.  Increase light bulb wattage so your home shows in its best light
Have a stereo playing soft music
That "homey" smell is always inviting!  Try baking bread or cookies if time permits.  If not, a pot of potpourri will permeate the air.
Rooms appear larger if not crowded with furniture -- store extra items if necessary.
Pets can discourage a sale - make sure cat's litter box is cleaned frequently.  Be watchful of all pets' food and water areas.
Make sure your drapes and shades are open for optimum light during showings

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